Customized packaging solutions for the beverage and food industry.

Ecoprint Glass Ltd. offers highly productive decoration of glass bottles using modern technologies for decoration. The strength of our products lies in bright saturated colors, embossed image and resistance to impacts. The company have two production facilities in Bulgaria – one in Varna and the other in Plovdiv.

We offer 6+ color screen printing including CMYK process, pad printing, hot stamping, decoration of gold, silver, platinum, frosting (etching, matting), and coating with different colors and degrees of transparency or density. The combination of the above-listed techniques allows us to print designs with any degree of complexity over glass items with various shapes and dimensions.We use modern equipment, high-quality original paints and inks, and the latest technology, including PVD metallization and DrinkReady thermochromatic coatings.

Our decorated bottles can be seen in shops across the UK, France, Finland, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, as well as on the domestic market.

The company owns molds for production of glass bottles for wine and hard alcohol industry. We offer glass jars and various types of closures as well.