Order-Processing for Bottle Decoration

The Printable Design

A customer-approved printable design is a mandatory pre-condition for the decoration of a glass bottle. Following options are possible:

  • The customer may submit an already existing and pre-approved printable design in vector format, fully adapted for direct printing on the selected container volume.
  • The customer may submit a color image of the desired printable design that allows our in-house designer to translate and adapt it for the purposes of direct printing. The image shall bear the customer’s signature as validation for non-changeable design features – logos, fonts, specific colors, etc. In this case, the price for our services is negotiable and may vary depending on the adaptation required.
  • The customer may submit an inquiry containing all specifications for the desired design along with a detailed description of the specific design’s features. Upon receiving a high resolution 3D mock-up of a satisfying design suggestion, the customer must validate it by signing the final design. Again, the price for our services is negotiable and will depend on the design’s specific features and the extent of changes the customer makes during the design process.

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The samples

At this stage upon a customer’s request, a limited number of sample bottles could be decorated for test purposes, using the customer-approved design. A contract, covering samples production price and completion terms will be signed.

The production

Prior to commencing the actual glass bottle decoration process, a manufacturing contract covering series’ volume, prices, completion terms, shall be duly signed.